Home waters says or implies a lot. When I interpret the term it says to me- this is where I grew up, this is where I was born. However looking deeper into the meaning I ask, so what? What does that mean?

It means to me more than a physical association between your house and and the closest river, creek, or stream. Home waters are where we learn part of our life lessons- part of where we learn who we are. It’s an emotional connection too. It’s where we get the phrase home is where the heart is and why people say the water is in their blood.

I’m lucky enough to call the Texas Hill Country rivers my home waters. They are not the closest body of water to me and where I live. But it’s a special place that has my heart where solitude and reflection combine to sanctuary. A hidden place where I can speak to God as he intended.

Plus, the fishing is great.

See you on the high ground,

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