Day 1 of the How Small a Trout Everyday in May Challenge

Today’s prompt: May Day. My spin: Mayday. It’s all the same-same right? Wrong. Initially you tell a grunt like me “Mayday,” and I’m going to come running guns-a-blazing, call in an air strike, or grab my fishing net to help you land the big one; fire fight or fish fight dependent. Google and Wikipedia have however explained to me that there is no need for alarm and that everyone needs to rally around- uh, a may pole? Is that like a salt water 12wt or something??? Fail.

Well, I have a mayday call of my own. I need a morale boost. Yesterday, two of my LongearHybrid sunfish fell off my scorecard and count for zero points in the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag tourney. Being hybrid they don’t count as Longear and accordingly fall off. See picture above for a zero point fish (pretty feesh thou). Fail, I say again, fail. So I’m issuing a distress call to rally up some motivation and support. This can be delivered in the form of a Facebook “Like”, a Twitter share/RT/or mention, or any other platform you can send out some props/cheers/rooting me. Posting comments below to sound off to this post or other THCMB battle tracking update work as well! Signing up for COURIER DELIVERY would be the ultimate.

So here it goes… Mayday, mayday, mayday.
See you of the high ground,

Today’s topic of May Day is prompted by the Everyday in May challenge. For more info click here. For all AirborneAngler Everyday in May posts click here.