When the conditions are right there is nothing like a good day on the water. When they are not- nothing is more awful. The later was the case today. So why bother you ask? Because I was going through withdrawals with all work and no play.

The only thing that made foul hooking a fish too small for points was foul hooking every branch and limb hanging over the water. No excuses on the wind- it was where I was aiming. In fact the sweet spot I was aiming for was over a submerged limb and under over hanging branches; a side cast shot into the wind and hooked in toward the bank. That’s what it took to catch the Longear of the day. Did I mention the lift in the hook set caught the line in said over hanging branches? Frustrating to say the least yet rewarding in hand.

The final straw that near broke me was my camera shy Bluegill. I do my best to be ready for the photo-op and a quick release, but it gets challenging when the fish won’t cooperate. It’s a good thing that sunfish are so resilient. However, today bordered on the ridiculous. It got to the point of having to replace and set the fish back in the measure board about 5 times. Each time almost bouncing and convulsing right off the board, onto the bank, and back in the water. It got to the point- and thank my lucky stars no one was around, that I literally verbalized my frustration with a yelling moan.

“You’re going to DIE floppy!”

I said it wit the upmost concern for the fish.

Anyways, I got the shot and he got back in the water just fine. Didn’t up a new species for the contest but I did up the size on the two I already had. Go Rangers!