I almost named this Fish Art post “Southern Largemouth Trout”. However, it was a misread of largemouth bass nicknames that were separated by a comma which I missed. The list that I found is located online here. Additionally, I figure it’s not fair to the sturdy holdover trout here in the Texas Hill Country that get stocked annually in the Guadalupe River. Line side and big mouth just happened to be the next two in line I liked the most. So, I decided to combine them. Who knows, maybe Southern Bigmouth Trout will stick though?

In lack of being able to fly fish the past several days- I submit this Autodesk Sketchbook Pro generated art I made as the background for the device of your choosing. Bass- Largemouth, Smallmouth, coveted Guadie, or any bass for that matter are my preferred game fish here in Tejas. Recent competition in a Hill Country tourney have me chunking flies at any and everything. But since I haven’t been doing any of that lately, my routine iPad Terminal Angler Syndrome (TAS) therapy is helping the symptoms abate. Enjoy!

See you on the high ground,