Look, I know my artistic abilities are limited- but I appreciate that some people can’t draw a straight line. Stick figures can be challenging. I’m not one to judge. While I am no Picasso, I like how my iPad or iPhone can add that little extra touch to my fly fishing passions. Because my fly fishing passions can definitely use some kind of mystical/magical help. And don’t let any paratrooper out there lie to you. The Airborne is superstitious, and yes, they believe in magic. Lucky boots, lucky parachute…. whatever.

This was my first catfish caught on a fly. Because a flip-flappy bluegill at a young age gave me a bad fish handling PTSD experience, (thank you Mom for unhooking all my fish the rest of that day) I was glad my lucky friend Dave was there for the step-by-step pointers to avoid the cat’s pointers. I’ve since recovered and learned fish handling judo. Mr. Whiskers portrayed here is in a three fingered fin bar.

The Blanco River where this picture was taken has been on my mind as of late and has been good to me. It’s riffles, runs, and deep pools hold deep magic.

(Insert Bullwinkle voiceover) Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbitcatfish outta my hat!

(Insert Rocky voiceover) Not again!

Oh yes, again. Magic. Tah-duh!

See you on the high ground,