First days are rough. First day of school I think I cried hated it. First day in the Army- I know I hated that too. Even first days of things you like can really be rough. The first day of the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag tourney was no exception. It blew. No literally,it blew really hard with a wind out of the south-east.

I prepped hard the night before. I looked over the map and weather info over every body of water I knew I could fish. All of them forecasted winds from 13-20mph. Despite its challenges the water was productive. Many fish did not measure up to the minimum requirements but was still fun. I tried to focus more on learning how to fish despite austere conditions and work on my cast. In my mind everyone else was playing the POG and staying away well protected away from the wind and water. The thought made me feel better anyways. I needed some form of motivation after all the fighting. Fighting the wind, fighting my line, fighting the measure baord, fighting the fish to stay on the measure baord. But this is why we fish right?

Airbonre! ATW!