Study the photo in this post. What do you see? Your instant answer may determine whether or not Terminal Angler Syndrome (fly shop clinically refered to as TAS) is present in your cranial housing group. In a recent observation on my drive to work one morning, I have concluded absolutely that TAS is extremely persistent in my system. This paratrooper has got it bad folks.

Terminal Angler Syndrome, or TAS, is the insistent need for brain functions to revolve around fly fishing. Having observed the groups of wild flowers on our beautiful Texas highways in full bloom- the setting appeared to me much like the ink blot cards psychiatrist use to psyco-analyze their subjects in case studies. I have documented all this for my fellow anglers to learn how to cope with the symptoms of TAS.

So, what did I see? Did you say brook trout too?!?! If so, we have TAS something fierce. The only known treatment to ease these severe symptoms involves a fish injected mono-hydro-dual-oxy solution of which to retrieve pisci organisms from and make contact with the bare hand. The mechanism to achieve this medication can only be obtained with a fly rod and fly of your choice.

Living with TAS isn’t easy. But for those of us that do, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life and lead normal lives. Treatments are available. Speak to your local flyshop to see if fly fishing is for you and what you can do to ease these symptoms. In addition to treatment support groups are available. Search twitter hash tag #fishchat Tuesdays 8-9 Central to speak with others living lives with TAS.