I am just shy of calling this week’s sole Follow Friday “Sensei”. He is literally, in my eyes anyways, a master of art on the iPad with Autodesk SketchBook Pro. If you’ve seen this guys work- you are likely as equally amazed as I am with what he can visually create. I’m talking about the work of Shawn Bischel, aka @sbixel on Twitter.

So why is he so special and why should you bother to follow him? Shawn has been a constant source of motivation for me to reach for pencil and sketch pad (or iPad and Sketchbook in some cases) and aim to create FlyArt or FishArt. Digitally created goodness oozes out of his blog Lines in the Dirt. Being so impressed with his work I was lucky enough to be able to connive him into making my current avatar for the AirborneAngler. Pictures do speak a thousand words so I’ll shut up here and let his work do the talking. Here’s a sample of his awesome artistic ability and latest creation, “Copper Johnson”. Thanks Shawn!

Yeah, the brother drew that on his iPad with his finger!

Follow Shawn on Twitter at @sbixel and Lines in the Dirt.

See you on the high ground, ATW!

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