So here we have it fish fans, the latest trout skin rendition fresh off my iPad via sketchbook pro. On request I’ve tried to finger-paint recreate some Cutthroat Trout action for a nice little back drop on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone device and or tablet. No apologies here if something is off because the Cutty is on my bucket list.

Honestly though- if you can do better I’d really like to see it. Fly fishing for me is more than being on the water, it’s an art too. Being on the water is the best part of it; no doubt, but it’s about the chase as well. Its about all the prep work and fly tying. After a good catch its about the story telling, fish tales of fish tails. Picture taking and picture painting. So put it out there and share your Cutty art.

Until then, I’ll see you on the high ground,

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