Botched recon by fire! Here is the thing about a reconnaissance- its sole driving purpose is to gather intelligence. This was my intent walking into the Barton Creek Greenbelt West preserve this past Sunday evening. I wanted to scout a few spots closer to my home base that I could hit consistently- like everyday after work, in order to up my chances on the THC mixed bag tourney. There are many ways to do a recon. A preferred or not so preferred, depending on the situation, is the recon by fire. It’s kind of like picking a fight just to see the response you get. But you have to be careful because without any other intel you can easily lose that fight.
That all being said- I started off just wanting to check the place out. Botch-up number 1: Do not leave sunglasses in truck 2 miles away. Cloudy days, surface glare, poor visibility- enough said. I hate when I do that! Botch-up number 2: When wading waist deep in water crossings remove wallet from cargo shorts. Better yet, leave wallet and bring sunglasses! After I soaked my wallet- that was it and the gloves were off. Now I was looking for fish to engage- no more snooping and pooping. But, you know it’s a bad day when I start fishing for carp. It was the first thing I saw. Yeah, I said it. Ugly fish. Trash fish. Overgrown gorilla goldfish- whatever. Good thing about a recon by fire (if you survive) is you learn a lot. I learned which flys don’t work on carp and how easy they spook. It was interesting to see them cruise together. Big boogers too- I will say I was impressed even though it’s not a fish I prefer to target. Anyways, although botched beyond recognition and nothing to show for it- I’m claiming it a win. I know they are not easy and I will need one to win. Intel gathered. So, until next time fish fans. ATW!