Hey there fish fans! I am supporting an idea Jason Puris @The_Fin had last Friday on Twitter. For those unfamiliar with the Twitter-verse, there is a practice to Follow Friday (#FF) a list of your friends who you’d like to promote or prompt others to follow as you do. In short order a simple shout-out. What happens is Fridays become a list of #FF this guy or that gal etc. and the ensuing barrage is all those people (standing on the unspoken rule to #FF back or reply all) reply back with a thanks. Before you know it you’ve seen all your friend’s friends like you did the week before and before. But I digress… this new idea I fully support from Jason is this- #FF just one person. I like it. It keeps it real and honest. And because really if you wanted to see everyone I follow you could look that up yourself.
So, my new practice and one Follow Friday this week is David Ellzey @TexasRiverBum. Don’t sweat it if you don’t do the twitter. David has a great site at www.TexasRiverBum.com (TRB) and you can catch up with him there. So why Dave and why is he so special? There’s lots of reasons to blab on about so I’ve just made a list here:
-Takes time in real life to help others learn the joys of fly fishing (like me).
-Patron of the precious Texas Hill Country, his site is dedicated to promoting it.
-Aside from his regular work, thru TRB he is hosting a sweet summer long Fly Trouney.
-He allows freelance blogging. One day I decide I wanted to write and he made room on TRB for me to start. So I have him in part to blame for my blog. Thanks Dave!

Bottom line- the man lives the proverbial “teach a man how to fish” quote. Friends like that are hard to find and worth the follow.

Until next time- I’ll see you on the high ground,

Follow David Ellzey on Twitter: @TexasRiverBum