I reached out to Rio on the twitter not too long ago for a simple sticker. I have a project boat that I’m working on and when it’s done I need to fly some colors. My closest local fly shop is seriously lacking in that department so I went straight to Rio for help. Boy did they come thru! I got a really nice hat and a ginormous decal (9.5″ x 7″) for the boat when it’s done! Thanks Rio!
Of course as soon as I saw I the hat I had to break it in on the water. And of course there was fighting 12-14 mph winds with crazy flow from the previous day’s down pouring & blown out waters. Needless to say, yes I got skunked. But darned if I didn’t look good doing it. It’s awesome when a company is a fan of their fans. Thanks again team Rio! I appreciate you!

See you on the high ground,