The AirborneAngler blog is developed! Born out of a need to battle track the contest and fueled by pure want of a creative outlet- I have finally joined the countless ranks of wannabe bloggers. Hi guys! I’m here! Did you read my blog? Yeah I have a blog. Blog, blog, blog blog blog- like this kid and his funny YouTube video here. My nerd status is confirmed. My only consonance in finding some form of remaining shallow dignity is this: I’m in 1st Place for the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag 2012 contest! I know, the contest hasn’t started yet. But, by virture of being the first person to sign up and the website data placing- I’m in 1st and I don’t care how or why! But rest assured I will do everything I can to maintain that status. Time to tie flies. Airborne! All the Way (ATW)!